Helping Families Prepare for Emergencies

Almost everyone lives in a zone at risk of natural disasters like floods, wildfires, earthquakes, and tornadoes. And any home can experience a power outage. When disaster strikes, the last thing you want to worry about is whether you have food to eat. And for people with allergies and dietary restrictions, to not have access to the right foods can be a source of anxiety.

Serving People with Food Restrictions

Before learning in my 40s that I was allergic to gluten, I spent years feeling ill and not knowing why. Avoiding wheat products made my symptoms go away, and I was able to function like a normal person again. It was the same for my wife when she discovered that she had dairy sensitivities and went dairy-free.

When we began gathering supplies for nature disaster preparedness, we discovered how difficult it can be to find allergen-free supplies that are shelf stable, palatable, and easy to bring with you if you need to evacuate. Most emergencies are short-term, from a few days to two weeks. Emergency Prep Club meets that need for individuals who face short-term disruptions that might limit their access to the foods they rely on to stay fed and healthy.

No Wasted Money. No Wasted Food. Always Prepared.

Emergency Prep Club provides 3-day, 7-day, and 14-day emergency food kits to get you through the acute phase of an emergency. For subscribers, we provide a fresh Replacement Kit every six months, so you’ll never have to worry if your back-up is fresh. With most emergency food supplies, the best-case scenario is that you don’t need them, and you throw them away. Not with Emergency Prep Club. When your Replacement Kit arrives, just rotate the supplies into your pantry and enjoy the snacks!

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Severn Williams